On The Eve of War

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The one thing the entire country seems to agree on at this moment is that we love our troops. Yellow ribbons that say “I support the troops”-that ubiquitous bumper magnet-are de rigueur. Ask someone what they mean by “support” however, and you are likely to have a debate on your hands. Go one step further and ask them if a person can support the troops while actively opposing the war and tempers flare. One person is outraged at the un-American and ungrateful “hippies” who are aiding the enemy and destroying the morale of the troops while the next is indignant at the thought that citizens should shut up and toe the line while our government sends our troops into harm’s way for trumped up and unethical reasons. Ask either one of those people what they personally have done to support the troops-other than the bumper sticker, that is-and you are likely to be met with an uncomfortable silence. Our soldiers need more than lip service.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

During the Viet Nam conflict, people spoke of “the war back home.” The wounds from that time run deep. From family dinner tables to the Capitol steps, the entire country has fought bitterly over these issues both then and now.

Between them, the filmmakers have a husband, a brother, a nephew and an aunt currently serving in the armed forces. Both of our fathers are veterans. The issues that we explore in this film are of intimate concern to us not only as citizens, but in our personal lives as well.

We do not try to answer the ethical question of whether the US should be in Iraq. But by profiling several military families who are positioned on both sides of these issues, as well as speaking with experts in the military and peace communities, we do hope to gain a clearer picture of the character and motivations of both soldiers and protesters. We will examine the sacrifices that they make for us, the passions that drive them, and the conflicted feelings–hope, fear, pride, doubt–they arouse in the hearts of their communities.

This short documentary film is currently in post-production.

On The Eve of War is a sponsored project of the Hollywood Theatre; all donations to the project will be tax deductible.

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