Military Families Speak Out – Oregon Chapter

Military Families Speak Out is a national organization of people who have relatives or loved ones in the military and are opposed to the continued occupation of Iraq. In 2006 Sour Apple Productions produced a series of video essays compled them into one program for MFSO.

Here are a few things other people had to say:Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Bill McDonald discusses the film at his popular blog, The Portland Freelancer.

The Willamette Week wrote this about the program:

An absolutely heartbreaking documentary featuring the pain and grief of a handful of Oregon military families who have lost loved ones in Iraq. Much of the film is taken up with candid accounts of the needless waste of human life and the anger of those who feel that their patriotism has been abused. This film is the perfect antidote to the “support our troops” mentality that equates support for our people in uniform with support for our government’s foreign-policy decisions. JAMES WALLING.
Go to to see the trailer and learn more about this organization.

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